Ribozyme and Omics

Rznomics Inc. is a biotech company founded by Professor Seong-Wook Lee at Dankook University in August 2017.
Rznomics develops RNA based gene therapies for cancers and intractable diseases.

The excellence of the Rznomics’ technology has been acknowledged for being selected as a national new drug development project organized by the Ministry of Health and Welfare, TIPS program organized by the Small and Medium Business Administration, and innovative new drug pipeline discovery project organized by the Ministry of Science and ICT.


Treatment/conquest of human intractable diseases through the development of innovative RNA-based biopharmaceutical

Ribozyme and Omics



RNA Replacement Enzyme

(Trans-splicing ribozyme)

Objective and Unit

  • Hepatocellular carcinoma gene therapy
  • Universal anti-cancer gene therapy
  • Degenerative diseases gene therapy
  • Genetic diseases gene therapy
  • Target-specific RNA replacement enzyme
  • Cancer/disease genome information
  • Virus-based gene delivery vehicle
  • Disease specific efficacy, specificity, and safety